Blessings of the Barren

Ask any barren woman and she will tell you that suddenly the single most important thing in her life – whether she knew it or not, up until that point – was suddenly, inexplicably ripped away from her, leaving a gaping hole in her very soul. As if the promise of a child, residing within her unseen like a fetus itself, miscarried and left her empty. Stricken. Hopeless.
Ask any barren woman, and she will tell you she feels like a failure. The deep, ingrained purpose of every woman: denied.

Essential Tools (and Sites!) for Every Freelancer Looking To Land Their First Client

How do you get clients to hire you when you have absolutely zero experience? And how does one make the jump from freelancer-hobbyist, to full-time occupation? Where can you find those high-paying clients that will actually value your work – and more importantly, pay for it?
Here are a few of the most essential tools and skills every new freelancer needs to be successful – coupled with some of the best, high-paying job sites to help you land your first real client.

5 Things Every Click-Worthy Blog Post Needs

You can be one of the greatest writers in the world, but with so much competition, if your content doesn’t immediately capture the attention of your readers – and more importantly hold it – chances are you’ll lose potential viewers.

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Rock Climb

We’ve all seen the pictures. The lone climber suspended in the air against an epic mountain backdrop, nothing but a thin rope and piece of metal saving them from the perilous fall below…

5 Ways to Make Chores Fun for Your Kids

What if I told you that chore time didn’t have to translate as “slave labor” in the eyes of your child? What if I told you there are five easy strategies you can implement right now that could not only make completing chores bearable, but fun?
Sounds impossible? Think again.

Writer’s Block: 5 Tips to Slay the Beast

It’s a common predicament for writers. While our tales of knights slaying the dragon enthrall our readers, us authors, unbeknownst to the general public, have our own monster to face.
Writer’s block.

Black Widow: 4 Huge Mistakes Marvel Made

As far as strong female characters are concerned, Black Widow certainly ranks high up on the list – skillfully played, in the MCU, by actress Scarlet Johansson. And while Marvel has done an excellent job in casting and portraying the deadly assassin on the big screen, fans would agree there’s a few things producers at Marvel could have done differently.

Welcoming in the New Year

It’s now officially 2017, and it seems the general consensis regarding the death of 2016 is a substantial sigh of relief. But though I too am one of those people, 2016 has taught me much.

The Professional Voice: An Unwelcome Mantra?

What I’m about to say in this post, might challenge a few very popular business model beliefs. It might even challenge yours. But before you get all up in arms, know that it’s my hope, however, to challenge these models for what I strongly believe to be for the better.
Are you ready? Here it is…

A Silent Night

We all want the perfect Christmas. But every year, I can’t help but wonder… Is that it?

When the Train Horn Blows…

I have an irrational fear. I don’t know why. I don’t have some great story to go along with it that makes me the hit of the party. No scarring childhood memory. I’m just afraid. What am I afraid of? As ridiculous as it sounds…..trains.