How to Work Less, While Earning More

To work less, and earn more. That's something we all dream about. But how many of us can actually claim that as our reality? Regardless of what you sell - whether you're a freelancer like me, a startup, or a business that's been in the game for a while now - if you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, even though you're working 60 hours a week, this article is for you. Because I've been there. And here's three ways I managed to dig myself out.

Essential Tools (and Sites!) for Every Freelancer Looking To Land Their First Client

How do you get clients to hire you when you have absolutely zero experience? And how does one make the jump from freelancer-hobbyist, to full-time occupation? Where can you find those high-paying clients that will actually value your work - and more importantly, pay for it? Here are a few of the most essential tools and skills every new freelancer needs to be successful - coupled with some of the best, high-paying job sites to help you land your first real client.