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Ready to get some work done? I know I am!

Here’s a few things you should know before we get started (though if you haven’t already, you really should check out my portfolio, brush up on my marketing strategy, Emotional Engagement, or read up on a few client testimonials through the links provided).

What I’ll Write:

Your action-driven, marketing key to repeatable, dependable ROI – AKA email copy!

Whether it’s…

  • An email series designed to promote your latest product launch…
  • Consistent curation of daily or weekly emails to build trust, relationship, and report with your list…
  • Building and implementing an auto responder drip campaign into your business for hands-free, 24/7 marketing the moment someone subscribes to your mailing list…

I’m here to bring the value you deserve. Plain and simple.

Email marketing is the most effective sales tool in today’s digital age, so with experience in a broad range of niches (you can find a comprehensive list on my portfolio) and a specialty in the effective marketing strategy I like to call Emotional Engagement, I’ve got you covered.

My promise to you?

I won’t stop until your audience is as passionate about your business as you are. Invest in me and I’ll simply return the favor with the sales to match my value – easy as that (with free rewrites up to 250 words!).

I’m confident that we’ll make a great team, because I’m passionate about my job and I’m ready to be passionate about yours too.


Product Launch Sequence

(Turnaround Time: One Week) – $750

Designed to generate massive ROI towards your latest product in just one week, this package includes:

    • One hard-sell email per day, Days 1-4….
    • Four Cart Close emails on Day 5 (to be sent at 6am, 12pm, 7pm, and 11pm)…
    • BONUS downsell email after Cart Close (if you have an additional product)…
    • A total of 9 emails!


Daily Email/Auto Responder Campaign

(Turnaround Time: As Needed, Max of 5 Emails Per Week) – $2,500 Monthly Retainer

Curated specifically with busy business owner in mind, this package includes:

    • Consistent delivery of 5 emails per week, designed to push soft-sells while building trust, relationship, and thought leadership amongst your mailing list; PLUS…
    • Seamless integration into your email campaign for hands-free, 24/7 marketing the moment you receive a new subscriber!


Sales Page/Facebook Ad Curation

(Turnaround Time: 5-7 Days) – $0.20/Per Word

Hate talking money, unsure how to sell yourself well, or don’t have the time to create a sales page for your new product? I’ve got you covered, this package including:

    • The creation of a sales page or ad guaranteed to get you the results you crave, without sounding sleazy…
    • BONUS feedback on the design and feel of your page before you hit “post”; PLUS…
    • Optional pricing input to help you find that magic number!


The Complete Copywriting Package

(Turnaround Time: As Needed, Max of 5 Emails Per Week) – $3,000 Monthly Retainer

For the business owner who needs a little of everything and a lot less stress in their life, this service is for you; including:

    • Content creation for everything from email campaigns and blog posts, to sales pages, ads, and product launches…
    • On-call copywriting review, editing, or assistance; and….
    • Complete content coverage for an unlimited scope of projects!


Ready to get started? Schedule a call below, pour yourself some coffee, and let’s chat about how to make your job easier.


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