Essential Tools (and Sites!) for Every Freelancer Looking To Land Their First Client

You’ve heard the stories.

All those six-figure copywriters writing comfortably from their yacht in the Bahamas….

For every aspiring freelancer, there is the tantalizing promise of being able to work a mere five hours a day, from the comfort of their home (or hotel), while making excellent money doing it.

But for every aspiring freelancer, there is the difficult, and often unclear transition from a still-wet-behind-the-ears newbie, to a sought-after freelancer.

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5 Things Every Click-Worthy Blog Post Needs

Story time.

Once there was a writer who knew their shit. Not literally, of course, but rather this writer possessed a mastery for the written word. Every word was as smooth as a tub-fresh baby; every sentence as structured as the Burj Khalifa.

But much to this poor writer’s woe, his work went unnoticed, unclicked, unread. His talent was wasted – swallowed up in the never-ending void of the cyberspace.

Sound like you?

Well, worry no more! For, much to the joy of our poor, hapless writer, there are a few tricks of the trade every author can employ to make sure their post get’s read, liked, and shared.

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